Height Increasing Shoes More Comfortable Than High Heels Shoes

People when standing in high heels, the body's center of gravity by followed by moving forward, to keep balance, upper body is backward, so natural stand chest, waist, head, body straight and curvy. However, the average person also all know high heels is harmful: action not convenient, easy to cause foot varus or valgus, sprained, friction injury; Normal stress against bone, can lead to leg coarsens. In fact, if a more scientific analysis, its harm. Due to the human body gravity balance changes, the normal stress is arch of the foot should bear most of the body weight, prolonged standing or walking, arch can cause foot pain, make the small joints of arch damage or deformation. After at the same time, high heels, people standing force when the fulcrum on the waist, intervertebral joint cavity after the former wide narrow at this moment, over time, can make the deformation joints, intervertebral disc herniation, and psoas major often is in nervous condition, may cause strain of lumbar muscles and appear the waist sour backache, severe cases can lead to more vertebral displacement, even sciatica, etc.
Once upon a time, there was a global have a distributor in Brazil made shoe salesman, and follow the tobacco in cigarettes on the packaging printed "smoking is harmful to health", is also the print on the shoe box "wearing high-heeled shoes could hurt spine" warning letter. Which won the admiration of the people.
According to the New Zealand herald quoted experts statistics, ms for half a year to wear high heels every day walk 5000 steps (steps "white-collar" in daily work to walk don't less than this number), can greatly increase causing problems such as arthritis, spine above shift.
In order to maintain a healthy body, if you want to wear high heels, do not choose high heel tips carefully. Standing for a long time work or a long journey, don't wear high heels.